Achieving global brand consistency

How Kiwa was able to launch a successful and consistent company-wide rebranding

The transition to a global new identity and the corresponding  creation of on-brand publications proved to be difficult for Kiwa, as operating companies were all used to be independent.

Discover how a DAM solution enabled Kiwa to create repetitive on-brand publications and launch a successful and consistent company-wide rebranding.

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Customer results/benefits

Single source of truth

With Lytho, Kiwa has one single original brand source for all applications and systems. All (marketing) departments, even those of the local branches, use the same system.

Collaboration between departments

Lytho’s DAM system supports collaboration between the departments, so they can share brand content easily with Kiwa’s headquarters and external agencies.

Automated creation of marketing publications

The Create & Publish feature allows employees of Kiwa to design marketing content through ready-to-use templates.

Kiwa case study cover

Case study's contents

  • Kiwa's challenge to unite all businesses under one global corporate identity.
  • Why Kiwa decided to use a Digital Asset Management solution
  • How a DAM helps KIWA to use consistent branding

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