Free marketing resources 

Lytho and others offering temporarily free marketing resources

Various organizations are offering temporarily free resources and tools to help teams collaborate more easily while working remotely. Lytho is among them, offering its entire Digital Asset Management platform for free. And we've made a list of other marketing software vendors who are offering parts of their solutions and products to help cope with the crisis. Use whatever you need and help share the good. 

Check out the list of temporarily free marketing resources and use whatever tool that suits your fancy and your teams' needs.


Facebook Lytho Free Resources
Adzooma Lytho Free Marketing Resources
GlobalOwls Marketing Resources Free Lytho

Digital Asset Management



ahrefs Lytho Free Resources
Moz Lytho Free Resources

Social Media

Hootsuite Lytho Free Resources


Sleeknote Lytho Free Resources
SilferBots Lytho Free Resources
Paperform Lytho Free Resources
ThousandEyes Lytho Free Resources
Dexecure Lytho Free Resources
Hubspot Lytho Free Resources

Creation & Design

Promo Lytho Free Resources
Looka Lytho Free Resources


Shopify Free Resources

A message from our CEO

It’s safe to say that the last months have disrupted the way we work. More and more people are quarantining themselves and their families as a response to the global pandemic. Our team has also moved to remote work but I recognize that for us, as a digital-first company, it’s easy. Not everyone is as fortunate.

As companies are adjusting to the current conditions, teams have to find new ways of communicating and rethinking the way they work together. The last thing you want to spend time on right now is coordinating your resources and making sure that your branding stays cohesive.

We at Lytho always share the good. Whether it's lending a hand to a colleague or sharing our resources with those who need it, it's in our DNA. We have experience in helping over a hundred companies and departments become more streamlined and digital, and we want to share our expertise with you. Lytho’s driving force is the conviction that everyone should focus on their strengths and minimize the time spent on trivial things that could as well be automated. Now more than ever.

We want to do our part in the crisis. That’s why, as of now, we are offering our tool free of charge to those who really need it. We will get through this if we work together.

Best wishes and stay safe,

Niels Lytho CEO

Niels Bouwman

CEO, Lytho

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