Segway Case Study

From decentralized disorder to centralized digital assets

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How Segway enhanced their brand image and improved its efficiency with a DAM system

Without a centralized location for automated content, such as images and product information, Segway faced difficulties in efficiently and consistently managing marketing resources.

Download the case study and discover how a DAM solution helps Segway to take over the reins and steer their brand in the right direction.

Case study's contents
  • Segway's challenges regarding managing marketing resources
  • Why Segway decided to use a Digital Asset Management solution
  • How a DAM helps Segway enhance their brand's image
Download Segway case study
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Customer benefits.

Develop marketing materials centrally

Segway employees and distributors can easily find, edit and store digital assets.

Improvement in the use of brand guidelines

With the help of Lytho’s InDesign server, Segway’s marketers can easily edit marketing materials in online templates.

Consistent marketing communications internationally

All Segway employees and distributors have on-demand access to automated content