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A core tool for brand identity management

This Brand Book template gives you all the tools you need to maximize and maintain brand consistency in an effective way. 

A Brand Book helps people grasp the essentials of what a company means and stands for. It is an inspirational document that tells the story of your brand in a compelling way. It’s not only a motivational tool for employees, it’s also a way to implement, guard and manage your brand from the inside out.

Download this template and discover: 

  • What should be included in a Brand Book and why
  • What is the business value of a Brand Book
  • How to communicate your brand's values and purpose
  • How to create your own Brand Book

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Ensuring that everyone uses the same logo, colors, fonts and image formats.

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Making documents, pictures, and videos easy to find.

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Allowing employees to create on-brand marketing content using templates

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